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I don't really have much to share today...

...but I guess I still want to try.

I had an inservice for work today, which ate up a lot of the day, but otherwise it's been mostly vibes.

I logged back into reddit after a long abstinence, and found that reddit has a user post page, which might mean I begin to mirror my blog posts to reddit as well. Four posts is a little bit more effort than three, but hey, it's still a manageable number. I don't really have much to say. I guess, for my blog and for any mirrors which will allow it on a text blog as an upload with the blog, I'll share the art I'm working on.

An artistic rendition of myself smirking, with lesbian pride flag colored hair.
rBree2Smug / rBree2 Smirk

I've uploaded it as-is as a temporary emote to my twitch channel, but I need to keep working on it. The emotion is great, the smirk and face behind it is amazingly good, but the lineart, the hair, the shading, they all need to be worked extensively upon.

Still, getting a prototype "I'll replace this with the better finished version later" is better than not having it at all, so like...I'm happy I have at least a prototype to finish. This is a massive work in progress, but a WIP is better than no work at all and I am proud of myself for having done it.

I think that might be all I have to really share today? I'm making small amounts of progress, albeit not doing everything I want to. Today had a spiritual experience where I accidentally did something I have never done before. It was an experience where I basically was...elsewhere. Talking to someone. And then I overwhelmingly felt their emotions. I wasn't welcome. I snapped out of it and realized that wasn't me just thinking of something, I was actually EXPERIENCING it.

Life is lifeing.

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