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i'm extra sappy tonight

and also extra drunk rn. like, extra extra drunk. can't spell, can't speak. i'm tired plus drunk. tiredposting affects my ability to be coherent, and drunk on top of that is extra bad.

gonna need to be careful to make sure no hangover. gotta hydrate extra hard, also gonna eat a bunch. But rn what i mostly am is filled with love. it's all good vibes and love and empathy.

i understand. I truly do. but i love you regardless. i get it, even if you think i don't. But despite that, i have nothing but love and support. i want the best for you all.

you are kind, caring, compassionate, and wonderful. you are doing great. you are so amazing and incredible.

i truly believe the best is possible for you, and that you can find your life. you deserve nothing but love and support and have plenty.

love you all, and have a wonderful night.

I may be a bit drunk but just know no matter what, you are always so beautiful, so wonderful, your perspective is beautiful, you are wonderful. you are much loved and much supported. you have such great love and support to give.

thank you for all you do.

and i am here to wish you well, to witness your growth, to encourage you, to support you, to hug you through the difficult times and give love and support and to encourage you through the good.

you deserve nothing less.

i love you all, so very much.

i may be sappy, i may be drunk, but the sentiments remain regardless.

you are worthy of being loved.

And i love you.

so much.

i hope you all can find the best.

Stay positive, stay beautiful as you are, stay loving and just live your fullest, most wonderful life.

i'll be here to give you all of that love and support.

thank you. and you have my well-wishes.

much love. <3

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