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Also been wasting a lot.

I've been putting four hours per day into Stardew Valley.

On the one hand...yeah I'm enjoying it that thoroughly.

On the other hand...imagine what that time could have been spent doing.

I could have recorded affirmation videos.

I could have done more work on my discord. Done discord art for it.

I could have worked more on mapping out my plurality.

I could have done more work on my spirituality.

I could have started the art for my two emotes I want to make.

I could have done work on my novel.

I could have edited my poem I wrote back on Thursday.

I could have many things.

And I spent the time on a game.

Which...I mean...the Stardew Valley brainrot is very real. But like...

...I am in a situation where we have so much we should be doing.

We should be trying to assemble my PC.

We should be trying to get more income.

I should be checking to see if I am getting an income raise, and asking if I can work more hours otherwise.

I dunno, I just feel like...I'm wasting time I couldn't afford to waste.

I know, can't stress out too much.

I know, I need to enjoy myself.

But like...this level of feels excessive.

So I just...need to get control of myself.

I don't want to miss out on the good things in life by playing a game that's never going away.

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